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** ——Video & Pictured tutorial coming soon——**

Perfect for modded community server

Easy and automatic mod downloading and serverconnect for your users/players

“General” SteamWorkshop Subscription INDEPENDEND Mod Launcher for Conan Exiles.

Very early and minimal build… More text is coming soon

Added later:

  • Presets for Collections
  • UI fixes

See my ConanServerManager for automatic ServerSetup and Mod download/setup from your collection


  • Fully automatically load and activate mods from a steam mod collection
  • Fully automatically load all Mods from a steam workshop mod collection in correct order
  • Fully automatically write modlist.txt in correct collection order (from up to bottom)
  • On game launch you are directly connected to the server IF you set the ServerAdress in your ModCollection description
  • In your mod collection you can write anywhere in the description: “CMLCONNECT: ip:port”. The launcher will find the text and connects on launch to the server.

Please see my own Collection and description here:

You can test it with the collection url

How to install

  1. Download the Conan Mod Launcher here
  2. Extract it anywhere

How to use

  1. Start the Program
  2. Choose Folder to your Steam Root Directory
  3. Choose your Conan Game Directory
  4. Choose your new/empty Modfolder
  5. Input your SteamWorkshop Mod Collection URL
  6. Save your config
  7. Install/Update the mods
  8. Start the game

Known issues & Infos

  • There are very little errorchecks, so if you make something wrong there is maybe no errormessage
  • Of course it can happen that some things dont work. Please report it and i will fix it.
  • Feel free to edit the source, im not a python expert. The code is quite messy and repetetive.

Assetto Corsa Competizione Servers online with build 6! Feel free to join us :) And: Please read the FAQ.