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*** ——Linux support coming soon / Video & Pictured tutorial coming soon——***

Very early and minimal build…

More text is coming soon

Added later:

  • Full config setting in the gui
  • maybe multiple server configurations
  • if rcon support is coming: query for online check and list of players etc.
  • restart value as time (maybe like: 13:30|01:30)

Many features like from my Project Cars 2 Manager is maybe coming later:


  • Automatic install / update your ConanServer
  • Set your settings in a comfortable way
  • Start and Stop the Server in a comfortable way
  • Automatic Restart (And check/update before) every X minutes

How to install

  1. Download the Server Manager here
  2. Extract it anywhere

How to use

  1. Start the Program
  2. Choose a Path to an empty Folder for your server
  3. Install / Update your server (steamcmd etc. is automaticly installed and needed)
  4. Input your settings
  5. Save your config
  6. Start your server

Known issues & Infos

  • There are very little errorchecks, so if you make something wrong there is maybe no errormessage
  • Of course it can happen that some things dont work. Please report it and i will fix it.
  • Linux support is coming soon
  • Feel free to edit the source, im not a python expert. The code is quite messy and repetetive.

Assetto Corsa Competizione Servers online with build 6! Feel free to join us :) And: Please read the FAQ.