This is the basic rule set for our championships:


In front of you
Blue Flag
Back on Track
Driver Swap
Car Resetting
Car change
OVERTAKING -> If there is no overlap
OVERTAKING -> If there is overlap





Some Additonal notes for penalties:

If a driver reports a crash that occurs to him, we will review the situation in the replay and will think of a fair penalty. Such as Warnings, start from last grid position in next race and in extreme situations: Adjustment of Points and Disquallification from the Championship.


Every driver that is involved in the situation has the right to defend himself and explain the situation to us before we take any actions.


Reports can be send to Irreversible and neslane. Rember that the races are around 60 minutes long and so is the replay of course. So we need time to review the video. So even if we need three days, the penalty is not forgotten.


And please have in mind, that the fun is the important thing here, so be fair, be kind and have fun 😉


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