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Server starter / Weather randomizer / Multiple Configs

*** ——Linux support coming soon / Video & Pictured tutorial coming soon——***

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  • Multiple Config-Files for infinite server/session setups
  • MaxGrid / MaxPlayers automatic to max possible for a track
  • All possible Tracks and Classes in dropdownboxes
  • Easy Setup and no config editing
  • Easier Multiclass setup
  • Classmode to deactivate the class restriction (All cars possible, for Trackday / Tourist servers)
  • Randomized Weather with chance in %
    • AuthenticWeather for plausible sessionchange (Pr to Q to R)
    • Override the weather to 1 Clear Slot for every Session (If the server is bugging with weather changes, its the case at the moment – 10. March 2018) with “Sunshine” Mode
  • PracticeServer Mode (For Practicing the same ini/track under the week, for example in leagues)
  • Overrides the ini configuration to:
    • 24H practice and qualify session, 1 Lap race
    • No license
    • Weatherprogression to realtime
    • Dateprogression to OFF
    • deactivates mandatory Pitstop
  • Automatic file copy to serverdirectory on start
  • On every serverstart get the correct and fresh server.cfg / rotateFile / motd / baseFile / statsConfig
  • For use with simresults or other services, the current stats data is deleted before every start
  • For use with simresults or other services, the sessionTracking is activated before every start
  • Edited motd (No WeatherSlots Info in Lobbychat)

** Thanks to MortICi for the sms_base.lua / sms_motd.lua Files and his work on the dedicated server configs!**

His awesome Thread for the dedicated server configs

How to install

  1. Download the Server Manager here
  2. Extract it anywhere

How to use

  1. Start the Program
  2. Choose a Path to an empty Folder for your servers
  3. Click on Login and input at least your Steam Username
  4. Input a name for your Server
  5. Click on Add Server

Switch / Change / Duplicate / Save your Serversettings and start the Server

Known issues & Infos

  • Serverrestart is not tested with the gui and maybe not working!
  • You can input your Steam Password in the login window, it will be stored in /data/settings.ini in an unreadable format. It is not a perfect protection but better then nothing. Sadly you must login with your steamaccount to download the dedicated server. Anonymous is not working
  • On Add or Update Server the gui is downloading the Official Project Cars 2 Dedicated Server and my CMD-tools in order to work correctly.
  • There are very little errorchecks, so if you make something wrong there is maybe no errormessage
  • Of course it can happen that some things dont work. Please report it and i will fix it.
  • Linux support is coming soon
  • Feel free to edit the source, im not a python expert. The code is quite messy and repetetive.

Assetto Corsa Competizione Servers online with build 6! Feel free to join us :) And: Please read the FAQ.